Criminal Defense Law Firms NYC

Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC is one of the leading criminal defense law firms based in NYC that specializes in multiple law fields and has a record of over 1,000 efficiently defended cases. These fall into various categories – federal and state offenses, government investigations and audits. Navigate through the list of our practice areas to find out more information about each.

Federal Crimes

Federal-level charges are especially challenging to tackle, since the U.S. government possesses near to unlimited resources when it comes to such criminal cases and thus has all the chances to convict the person on trial. In such case, penalties that a defendant might face are extremely severe, some totaling decades of imprisonment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Therefore, it is paramount to hire a competent federal crime lawyer who may be able to either dismiss the case or help minimize penalties.

Since the beginning of their law practice, Joseph Potashnik and his colleagues have handled over 1,000 federal cases, and this includes approximately 100 jury trials. We provide legal representation to both private and business clients investigated and charged with various crimes:

State Crimes

The presence of a conviction on one’s record can have far-reaching consequences, sabotaging the person’s life and putting their employment opportunities in jeopardy decades after the incident occurred. If you’re investigated or charged with a state-level offense in New York or New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact criminal defense attorneys at our NYC law firm to acquire a consultation for your case.

State and federal-level criminal defense attorneys at our NYC-based law group represent both individuals and businesses in criminal courts. We help handle state authorities’ investigations, disciplinary and criminal charges and arraignment hearings. Our practice areas include:

Government Investigations

We routinely help both individuals and business entities deal with government investigations. Over the years of legal practice, our government investigation attorneys have gained comprehensive experience in interacting with federal and New York state investigators from the following government bodies:

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