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Investigated for immigration fraud?

Moving to the U.S. legally can be very challenging. U.S. rules and regulations regarding obtaining immigrant visa and naturalization are very complex and besides that, they are ever changing. This makes it easy for many immigrants to violate the law, sometimes unintentionally. Due to this, thousands of people across the United States are investigated and later charged with federal crimes. If you find yourself under investigation or you are facing criminal prosecution, it is paramount that you get legal representation at once.

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So you have found yourself under investigation for benefit fraud, sham marriage or other related crimes. Immigration lawyers from Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC provide the following roadmap of what you should do in this case:


And we will take it from here.

Our experienced immigration attorneys will contact the USCIS at once, and from this time on your every contact with the authorities regarding the issue will be held by us. We will closely analyze the evidence collected by the investigators and do our best to prevent your case from being passed to the federal court. If you have already been charged with a crime, our lawyers may be able to reach a satisfying settlement and minimize the penalties.

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Immigration specific expertise

We do not send out such cases to other lawyers because we have highly experienced and dedicated immigration attorneys at our law firm. That is why we can provide a full array of legal services to clients facing problems, both criminal and administrative.

75+ years of compound experience

Founded in 2006, Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC is a premier NYC criminal defense law firm specializing in an extensive range of practice areas. With more than 1,000 efficiently handled cases behind our back, we are fully equipped to defend cases of federal and state crimes as well as government investigations.

Over 500 successfully handled immigration related cases

We provide expert legal representation services to non-citizen aliens, as well as non-aliens, including employers, attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals. This includes all stages of their cases, from the initial ICE or the Department of State investigation to arrest and litigation in federal courts to Immigration Court hearings to deportation defense.

Case Studies

Conspiracy, Visa Fraud, Mail Fraud Charges
Visa Fraud, Conspiracy Charges
Conspiracy, Visa Fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud, Money Laundering Charges

We represented a client in a multi-defendant U visa fraud federal case where the government alleged that conspirators submitted multiple fraudulent support form to the USCIS in support of their U-Visa applications.

Our client was a non-citizen who allegedly helped others enter into fake marriages and apply for green cards based on false representations to the USCIS.

We represented an attorney accused of assisting non-aliens of Chinese origin with asylum applications, which the government alleged were fraudulent.

Possible penalties

The maximum penalties for these crimes range from 5 years of imprisonment and a $250,000 fine (per each count) for conspiracy; 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000 per count for visa fraud, and up to 20 years for mail fraud.

Possible penalties

The client was facing 5 years of imprisonment and $250,000 fine for conspiracy, and  5 years of imprisonment and $250,000 for visa fraud. Besides, given she was a non-citizen, she could be deported from the country if convicted.

Possible penalties

The penalty our client was facing was close to 10 years in federal prison based on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.


Of all the defendants, most pled guilty and were sentenced. Our client’s prosecution was deferred after long and difficult negotiations with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.


During the representation, we became convinced that our client was not guilty of the alleged crimes. The trial ended in a non-guilty verdict.


Our immigration attorneys were able to negotiate an acceptable plea agreement and the client was ultimately sentenced to 18 months.

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