Immigration Fraud Lawyers Speak Marriage Fraud and Its Consequences
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Immigration Fraud

What Is Marriage Fraud Under U.S. Immigration Law?

September 25, 2017

Marriage is supposed to be the union of two loving hearts wishing to share each other’s happy moments and sorrows for the rest of their lives. However, not all people walk down the aisle for this purpose. In the United States aliens who marry citizens obtain a green card, which makes it very alluring to many seeking the U.S. permanent resident status to avoid the immigration laws by tying the knot with an American. This is a crime, which is severely prosecuted in the United States. In this article, immigration fraud attorneys at NYC firm Joseph Potashnik and Associates provide extensive information on marriage fraud, its types, examples and consequences. Read on to learn what a person should do if he or she is investigated or prosecuted for a sham marriage.

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