Don’t assume you can talk your way out of a DUI charge by simply appearing in court like you were fighting to get out from paying a traffic ticket. The laws pertaining to DUI cases are very complex and the punishments are very severe, more the reason to have a skilled criminal lawyer fighting on your behalf.

These are a few of the benefits of hiring a nyc criminal lawyer to help convince the judge that the charges should be reduced or the case dismissed.

Failing to Prove the Case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Although the arresting officer in your DUI case has the numbers from the testing equipment to show you were driving while impaired, this doesn’t always mean you have no chance of beating the case. Your DUI attorney has been in this business for years, and on top of that, they have decades combined experience backing them at their law firm. Your attorney understands machines and humans make mistakes, and drawing on past experience, will carefully study if the officer conducting the test properly calibrated the device, has experience using this device and if this one piece of equipment has a history of providing false readings.

Looking Closely at All the Evidence in Your DUI Case

The hardest part of clearing your name in a DUI case is being able to get the evidence and be in the position to find inconsistencies with the prosecution case. Not only is the evidence hard to acquire, it is a challenge to analyze correctly. Your DUI attorney has seen all sorts of evidence and knows exactly what to look for to be able to poke any holes in that prosecution case. Your attorney will be able to carefully check the police dash video, the equipment used to get your blood alcohol level, and the video of the arrest at the police station.

Using Courtroom Experience to Get a Favorable Result

The DUI attorney has been in this court defending these type cases for years, and they have developed the skills to get many defendants out of serious trouble as a result. Your attorney has been working with certain police, judges, and prosecutors, and understands what type of defenses are going to work and which don’t have a chance in each situation. This courtroom experience is the key to either getting your charges lessened or the case dismissed altogether. Experience is everything because even if things look hopeless, your attorney can find the smallest opening to attempt to poke holes in the prosecution case and get you off the hook.

Working on a Plea Bargain with the Prosecution

As the case gets closer to trial, your DUI attorney is going to be in the best position to have a plea bargain strategy ready in case things don’t play out as expected. Although the goal is to get the case dismissed altogether, your attorney understands that you can not simply hope for the best, you have to have a few options available and be able to quickly call an audible if needed. Perhaps the evidence is solid, but your lawyer is going to focus on your clean driving record or the fact the BA number was barely over the legal limit. Pushing for a lesser charge like reckless allows you to keep your license and pay far less in the way of fines. A skilled attorney will know the best time to try for a plea deal.

The charges for reckless driving are less severe than those for DUI, something your attorney will be pushing for with the evidence they have uncovered.