Potashnik & Associates are premier NYC criminal defense lawyers. For years, our law firm has defended the rights of those accused of crimes.

Our NYC Criminal Lawyers Consistently Get Cases Dismissed.

 Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC, is a premier New York City criminal defense law firm.Our trial attorneys have represented hundreds of clients, in all type of cases, ranging from low level petty offenses, to high level federal claims. We are a boutique NYC criminal law firm, that takes on fewer clients, and provides greater service to each client we work with. Our NYC criminal lawyers are available for virtually any type of crime. We can help with virtually every type of criminal charge in Long Island. These criminal charges can sometimes be due to circumstances which forced you to commit the crime alleged crime.

In many instances, the NYC defense lawyers at  Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC, are able to get criminal charges dropped altogether, or reduced. Every situation is different, but with our team of trial lawyers side, you have a group of creative, and strategically poised, lawyers, who have a deep commitment to preserving your rights.

We’ve secured numerous dismissals and mitigated outcomes for our clients. With numerous accolades and recognitions, we are the best choice, when considering a criminal defense law firm in NYC to represent you.

When accused of a crime in New York, the worst thing you can possibly do is wait. The sooner you get a NYC criminal attorney on your side, the better the prospect is of an outcome that is favorable. Our goal is to make it so you can move on in your life, without the negative consequences of a conviction.

In order to help you, our criminal defense law firm will conduct a new investigation, looking at closely at the conduct of the police, during and after your arrest, in addition to examining the evidence the prosecution presents. We find weaknesses in the evidence, and the facts, and develop an alternative theory that casts doubt on whether or not you committed the crime. Our number one goal is to prove the prosecution wrong, and have the case dismissed.

When accused of a crime in NYC, what you do after being accused can be more important than the accusation itself. If you don’t treat it properly, and give it the seriousness it’s owed you can permanently ruin your life, and leave a mark on your permanent record. This is true for felonies, and it’s true for even simple misdemeanors.

Regardless of whether it be a misdemeanor or felony, our criminal defense lawyers give it the same level of seriousness. We treat it like your LIFE is on the life and your entire future is at stake.

We fight like hell to protect your freedom, and your future.

Our goal is to help you get the outcome you need. That means doing whatever it takes. We don’t take the defensive when defending you. We believe that the best criminal defense is offense! That means fighting tooth and nail. We scrutinize each and every piece of evidence being presented by the prosecution, and move to strike it down.

If you’re arrested and charged with a crime, the entire process can be extremely frightening. The dangers of what lays ahead only make you more nervous. We understand the criminal justice system the job of the opposing prosecutor is to make an example of you, and prosecute you to the full extent of the law. With  Joseph Potashnik and Associates, you have a powerful ally on your side.

The US constitution, and our law firm, believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. We stand by our clients, and present a strong and compelling case that proves your innocence. We are always fighting for our clients, sometimes that can mean going to trial, and sometimes that can mean taking a plea bargain for a lower crime.

Do I need a NYC Criminal Lawyer?

If you’re accused of a crime, you’re given a public defender. The only issue with this, is that this public defender is being paid very little for his work and in addition, has FAR to many clients. He/she may not be able to pay attention to your case like a private attorney can. Our NYC criminal attorneys can give you the private attention, and assistance, you need.

Joseph Potashnik and Associates, a team of NYC criminal lawyers, that is known for it’s innovative approach to practicing law, offers a risk free consultation to anyone who needs it. We believe that EVERYONE should be able to get the representation they need, and deserve.

With years of experience, we have a deep and thorough understanding of the criminal justice system.This experience makes it possible for our lawyers to effectively negotiate with the prosecution, and get you the best outcome possible. Having this experience on your side is invaluable. Without a talented team of criminal defense lawyers on your side, you may end up going to jail, in addition to severe fines.

When you’re initially charged with a crime, you are required to enter a plea. You can enter a guilty, or non-guilty plea. The defendant can enter a guilty plea, whereby the judge would then sentence the defendant. This second plea the defendant can enter is one of non-guilty. This means the defendant denies guilt and the case will be set for a later time

Motion to suppress is a request to the judge for certain evidence to be excluded from consideration by the judge or jury at trial. This typically arises when the credibility of the evidence is in question, and as a result, could taint the ultimate verdict. This is often used to weaken the prosecutions case, and improve your chances of being vindicated.

Most people think that if you’re arrested, you have to answer any and all questions an office asks of you. This is not correct. You have the right to remain silent, and should exercise that right. Be assured that the prosecutor will use any evidence he/she can, against you, even if it’s something you said as a passing remark to a police officer. Cooperate with the instructions of the officer, i.e. but do not engage them in a conversation about the alleged crime. Request a lawyer immediately.