When you’re charged with a crime, you’ll nearly always have best results by getting a lawyer. The majority of defendants in criminal court receive lawyer representation, particularly when a prison sentence or jail time are possible consequences. It’s hard for people to handle their own criminal cases with competence. No comprehensive statistics exist regarding the number of people who represent themselves, but it’s estimated that more than 99 percent of defendants get a lawyer.

Books Don’t Have Everything

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to self-represent is because of how different reading about law and practicing it are. There are all kinds of books that will explain the different laws and crimes on the record. These laws will have fixed punishments for violations, and they’ll also make courtroom procedures mandated.

Many defendants make the mistake of thinking that these books have everything they need to know. They believe that if they become familiar with the law and crime, they can defend themselves. But unfortunately, criminal law can’t be practiced effectively through just book study. Experienced defense attorneys understand that criminal law is a complicated group of unpredictable systems.

Prosecutors Have More Power Than You Think

One of the things that prosecutors have is a power called “prosecutorial discretion.” This power lets them decide whether criminal charges should be filed, along with the exact charges being filed. This power determines the majority of what occurs in criminal court.

The prosecutor has a great deal of influence over how a case resolves. Each particular prosecutor’s decisions will affect the way the case progresses. Sometimes a person will be accused of one crime. But in other cases, prosecutors will charge a defendant with multiple crimes based on the way their actions can be slanted. Some of these crimes might be minor, while others might be more serious.

Pressure from the Community

One important thing is not to underestimate how big a difference your community makes. Every community has unique politics, values, and pressures. Police want to have their crime reports result in a charge. Prosecutors want to have success in their jobs. Judges might want to be re-elected. All of these things combine to work against you in the courtroom.

In some cases, certain crimes may get a great deal of attention. The public might be putting pressure on the prosecutor and judge to harshly prosecute people charged with these crimes. It’s true that the system isn’t supposed to give in to these pressures, but that’s not always the case. A defense lawyer will be familiar with your local environment, so they’ll understand the way pressure might affect the outcome of your case.

Criminal law is a vast world with complicated rules that you don’t know. You need a NYC DWI lawyer to help guide you through the justice system and protect you against those who wish to do you harm.

What Do Attorneys Do?

No matter how educated or smart you may be, the justice system is stacked against you. Everything is working to prove you guilty from the moment of your arrest. It’s almost impossible to represent yourself competently. Defense lawyers are specialists who understand how to approach each criminal case. They can deal with whatever variables arise, explain to you your options, and ensure you make an informed decision going forward. They can also keep you from accidentally incriminating yourself when talking to the police or prosecution.

A criminal lawyer will do a great deal more than pose questions to the court witnesses. They’ll also be responsible for negotiating with prosecutors during every step of the criminal process. They’ll take your needs into account when they help formulate sentencing programs.

Lawyers have gone to school and studied extensively to understand the legal rules in their state. Ideally, your lawyer will have experience representing people in similar situations to your own. They will have a good sense of how a routine case unfolds. If you represent yourself, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by things a nyc criminal lawyer wouldn’t flinch at.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you should get in contact with an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as you can.