New York City Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys with NYC firm Joseph Potashnik & Associates help clients facing criminal prosecution in New York City and neighboring areas. We appear routinely in local criminal courts and we represent clients charged with all misdemeanors and felonies as well as individuals and businesses investigated by law enforcement pre-arrest.

At Joseph Potashnik & Associates we take our job as criminal defense lawyers in NYC very seriously. We understand how much is at stake. We also understand that most of our clients never dealt with the legal system, let alone criminal justice system and many of our clients are intimidated by complex and unfriendly criminal justice procedures. In fact, we have seen numerous clients who were completely “lost in the system” before they came to us. Knowing that, we strive to do the best we can in each and every case while trying to alleviate our clients’ stress and fears. We don’t make empty promises to get more business. Instead, we offer an honest and realistic outlook and provide practical solutions to even the more complex problems.

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation amongst clients, colleagues, prosecutors, and judges. If you or someone close to you are in need of experienced and compassionate NYC criminal lawyer, we encourage you to look up our clients’ reviews and give us a call to see what we can do for you.

What criminal cases we handle

We offer upscale-quality defense to clients accused of a broad variety of criminal offenses:

We represent public servants such as police officers, corrections officers, teachers, and government employees against criminal charges related to their professional activities.

We also represent licensed professionals against disciplinary and criminal charges.

Our attorneys are experts in dealing with non-citizen clients who face immigration consequences as a result of their criminal issues. We have an experienced immigration attorney on staff who works with our criminal attorneys to provide guidance on the best approach in cases where clients may be having immigration problems.

New York Criminal Investigations

While we certainly provide competent and aggressive representation after the arrest, one of our strengths is in providing just as effective representation during criminal investigations. In fact, we were able to fend off prosecution in many of the investigations we handled.

If you are under investigation, remember that you must never discuss the case with detectives or investigators before speaking with a criminal lawyer in New York. There are many important reasons for that, and you can learn about these reasons in this video.

Remember, you are not legally obliged to to the police. Just be polite and ask to speak with an attorney.

Criminal Process in New York

If you are arrested in NYC, the police first need to book you and process the arrest. You will then be taken to the local precinct (or the DA Detective Squad quarters if you were arrested by the DA Detective’s Squad) and fingerprinted and photographed. You will also be checked for any pending warrants and then either given the Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) or taken to the Criminal Court.
In the former instance, the arrestee has to appear in court for arraignment not on this very day but later. However, this is not often the case, since the DATs are issued only for certain petty offenses. In most cases the arrested person is taken to Central Booking of the Criminal Court on the day of the arrest. The person will spend up to 24 there till the judge is available for arraignment, who will decide whether to release the person, and if yes, whether to set bail or release the person on their own recognizance (ROR).

After the Criminal Court, the case undergoes grand jury proceedings. If the grand jury issues indictment, the case will then be passed to the Supreme Court and assigned to a judge who will oversee it until the case is over.

New York Felony Defense Lawyers

If you or someone dear to you are charged with a felony offense in New York City, contact criminal defense attorneys with Joseph Potashnik and Associates right away. We are a premier criminal defense firm and we have been handling all types of felony cases for decades. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the criminal process and New York State legislation, and will break it down for you to make it understandable. We will make sure the rights of the accused are observed, and provide them with effective defense.
Most felony crimes have several degrees, and the more serious the offense, the harsher the penalties. A criminal defense attorney will explain the intricacies of the classification in NYC, and by collecting the necessary evidence and building a strong defense case may be able to reduce the degree of the felony their client is charged with or even get it down to a misdemeanor.
Of course, our primary goal is to end the case as early as possible without any criminal penalties served. However, that is not always be done. And if the charges are minimized to less severe felonies or misdemeanor, this will not only reduce penalties but also can possibly help the client find a job and in general make life after the prosecution easier. Otherwise, the defendant might lose some of their rights, like the right to vote, own a firearm, open a bank account or get a loan. Therefore, you should hire a competent criminal defense lawyer in NYC who will do their best to defend you while treating you like family. And this is the kind of attorneys that work at Joseph Potashnik and Associates.
At this law firm, we understand the criminal justice system and know how to achieve the best possible outcome. If you or your loved one has been accused of a crime in New York, call our NYC criminal lawyers today for an immediate consultation.