If you or your business have been subpoenaed to provide documents or to testify at a court hearing, or both, it can cause a great headache and make you reveal information that you would prefer to keep undisclosed. Such legal orders are normally issued by government investigative agencies, courts, U.S. Attorneys’ offices, but besides that they can be solicited even by a court clerk or private legal counsel. Given that, it is only natural that you may wish to protect your privacy. What is more, in our experience a lot of criminal cases start with a defendant being served a court order. In order to avoid the negative implications, contact our subpoena defense attorneys.

What to do when served a subpoena

1. Don’t start conversations with officials who serve you the order. Just take the document and that’s it.

2. Don’t ignore the legal order, otherwise, you may be subject to civil and criminal charges. Attend to the issue immediately.

3. At this point, it is important that you don’t destroy any records. Otherwise, it would seem like you are trying to hide evidence.

4. Contact our subpoena lawyers right away to request competent legal counsel about how to avoid a subpoena.

How we can help

If you contact us soon enough, our attorneys may be able to challenge the subpoena in court, eliminating confidential materials from the list and thus significantly reducing the number of documents you are obliged to provide, possibly down to only essentials. In some cases, our attorneys may be able to quash the order. This can save you or your company a lot of time and money, as producing some documents can be extremely cumbersome and require resources. Besides, sometimes the list of the documents a person or business is asked to provide is fairly extensive, and it is one’s civic responsibility to prevent wasting taxpayers’ money on processing irrelevant information.

Why ask help from Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC?

Established in 2006, our firm boasts of a strong team of lawyers, each of whom is experienced in their specific legal field. Our attorneys possessing a high degree of expertise in such areas as criminal law, immigration, corporate and securities law, taxes, health care, employment and labor law, etc.

Our legal counsels have handled over 100 subpoenas issued by government investigative authorities, the U.S. Attorney General, NYS Department of Health and other agencies. By entrusting us with handling the legal order for you, you commend it to over 7 decades of compound experience gained through successfully defending private individuals and corporate clients in state and federal courts as well as government investigations. Contact us now to get legal advice!