Our health care fraud lawyers are willing to take on healthcare programs related investigations conducted by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department’s Office of Inspector General. We provide legal help to both programs’ beneficiaries and providers on any stage of the case, from initial audit to prosecution in court.

Investigated by the Office of Inspector General?

Medicare and Medicaid fraud lawyers at an NYC-based law firm Joseph Potashnik & Associates represent both corporate and private clients in the following types of cases:

  • routine audits of health care programs’ records;
  • alleged grant or contract fraud and abuse;
  • Interaction with the MFCU (Medicaid Fraud Control Units);
  • healthcare insurance related offenses;
  • Medicare and Medicaid related сases referred to the CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services);
  • etc.

Both criminal and civil penalties may be applied to those charged with crimes described above. Moreover, a healthcare provider may face exclusion from governmental medical services programs, which may lead to far-reaching financial implications putting in jeopardy the person’s career in the healthcare sector. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the case in a timely manner.

1. If you got contacted by the investigators, keep the conversation to the minimum, accept interview requests but tell that you need to contact your lawyer first.

2. Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself by relying purely on your own legal literacy. You may accidentally spill out some self-incriminating information, and the officials won’t hesitate to use it against you.

3. Contact experienced Medicare/Medicaid fraud attorneys at our New York City based law firm to get a consultation on OIG investigations and audits. We will put our best foot forward while representing you in interaction with the OIG.

Why Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC?

Since 2006, when our law firm was established, we have gained unparalleled experience of dealing with the HHS’s Office of Inspector General, MFCUs and other government investigative agencies. It allows us to take on the toughest healthcare related cases on their any stage.

Case Studies

We have handled over 100 Office of Inspector General investigations and audits. Here are just a few examples.

Medicaid Fraud Investigation

Corporate Integrity Agreement Compliance Audit

Insurance Fraud

Our client was a dentist who allegedly filed false claims to Medicaid. If convicted, she faced license loss, exclusion from federally funded healthcare programs and a fine of up to $200,000.

Our client was a healthcare organization investigated for improper billing practices and failure to comply with CIA that allegedly resulted in Medicare overpayments. The provider faced a multi-million dollar fine.

Our client was a receptionist at a healthcare institution who was investigated and then charged with submitting false bills to insurance companies after using IDs of the company’s former employees. He was facing 20 years of imprisonment, exclusion and a fine of up to $700,000

We managed to reach a restitution settlement, the client retained her license and evaded exclusion.

Our attorneys managed to end the case with no charges filed.

Our health insurance fraud lawyers managed to reach a settlement of full restitution, 5 years on prison time and $100,000 fine.

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