Federal Sex Crime Attorneys

While most sex offenses are prosecuted in state courts, some sex offenses such as child pornography, interstate prostitution, conspiracy, RICO violations, and human trafficking are often prosecuted in federal courts under the United States statutes.

There are a number of major differences between criminal prosecution in state and federal courts. If a person is facing federal criminal sex charges, he or she needs the help of an experienced sex offender defense attorney. We have handled cases in federal courts for decades and if you need help, we are just one phone call away.

Federal sex offenses carry draconian penalties. A person convicted of possession of child pornography may spend many long years in prison. Prosecutors have almost unlimited human and material resources for investigating such crimes and their evidence is usually strong and well prepared, which is why you should have an attorney experienced in federal criminal practice. You can find such federal sex crime defense attorneys at Joseph Potashnik and Associates.

NYC Child Pornography Defense Lawyers

Possession and transmitting of pornography materials including sexual conduct by a minor has recently been pursued more and more often.

Internet and computer technologies make it easy to commit these crimes in the privacy of one’s home. Unlike what most people believe, possession of certain pornographic and obscene materials is not constitutionally protected. Also widely unknown is the fact that modern technology allows law enforcement agents to track down what you do on the Internet. What you don’t know can come back and hurt you.

We have seen time and again how people were charged with possession of prohibited pornographic materials, which in fact were not theirs. Computers and networking systems may be hacked, system security may be compromised, passwords and identities may be stolen, and files may be uploaded and downloaded without one’s knowledge. Our criminal defense attorneys actively defend persons accused of possession of child pornography in New York State and federal courts.

In many of the cases, prosecution hinges on very specific computer technical issues. Our child pornography defense attorneys co-operate with forensic computer experts to examine the prosecutors’ evidence. We use any possible ground to make the defense case stronger if it is possible.

It rarely happens that law enforcement agents show up at your door with an arrest warrant. These types of cases are normally investigated over some time and you may even learn that you are under investigation when agents contact you and want to talk to you about your online activities. As soon as that happens, you should know that you are in grave danger. You should also know that by talking to investigators you may be convicting yourself.

When you are contacted by state or federal agents regarding your Internet activities and possible child pornography possession or transmission, call criminal lawyers of our office to discuss your case.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in NY

Sex-related offenses are one of the most grievous crimes that you can face in a court of law. People accused of them face tremendous pressure, both mentally and economically. There is also a huge social stigma for those charged and convicted of such offenses.

The life of the convicted changes forever. The penalties of such crimes are extremely harsh, and even after the sentence is served, the crime will remain on the person’s criminal record permanently. Also, such individuals are obliged to register as sex offenders. This will affect their employment, personal relationships, and even place of residence.

So if you are facing criminal investigation or prosecution regarding related offenses, make a smart move and call our New York sex crime lawyers. We have helped women and men in dozens of related situations.