The U.S. federal government sponsors numerous programs, which in most cases are administered through local and state authorities as well as some private organizations. They amount for billions of dollars, and such large sums allure a lot of unscrupulous persons and businesses. Billions of taxpayers’ money are wasted annually on federal program abuse, fraud and bribery. Therefore, the federal government zealously investigates into alleged offenses and prosecutes such cases.

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Theft of Federal Funds

Title 18 U.S.C. Section 666 is the legislation under which misapplication and theft of federal programs money, property and services are prosecuted. It is the statute whose main goal is to protect federal programs funds from misappropriation, diversion and theft. It applies to agents of organizations that receive over $10,000 annually from the federal government in the form of a grant, contract, subsidies, loans, guarantees, insurance, etc. The law also applies to those who offer, give, solicit or receive bribes in order to influence appropriation of such funds. In order to secure conviction under this statute, the prosecutors must prove that the defendant stole over $5,000 of the funds.

The legislation covers a number of prohibited acts – embezzlement, larceny, fraud, intentional misapplication, and knowing conversion without authority, all of which have their specific elements which need to be proved in addition to the law’s general elements to ensure the defendant’s conviction.

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