NYC criminal attorneys at Joseph Potashnik and Associates have represented over a hundred clients who faced criminal investigations by the NYC Department of Investigations (DOI). Through hard work and thanks to years of experience in dealing with the agency’s investigations, we have built a solid track record of success defending even the most complicated cases.

What Is the NYC DOI?

Most individuals never hear about this agency unless they are targeted by it in a criminal or administrative investigation. However, its job is to investigate and refer for criminal prosecution fraud, abuse, corruption and unethical conduct by employees, contractors and other individuals and businesses that receive any money from the city.

Who Is Investigated By NYC DOI

The agency investigates the сity’s employees and contractors working in all areas. In our experience, the individuals who are consistently targeted by DOI investigators are employed at the following agencies:

  • Department of Corrections;
  • Department of Education;
  • Human Resources Administration (HRA);
  • New York City Police Department (NYPD);
  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA);
  • City-funded nonprofit organizations;
  • other NYC contractors.

What to Do if You Are Investigated

The purpose of such investigations is to gather enough evidence to make the charges stick in court. Frequently investigators will approach the targeted person and ask for some documents or speak with them. Here are our guidelines on what to do in such situation.

1. Whether or not you believe that you are guilty or not, you should not speak with the investigators. You are very likely to make incriminating statements, which may seriously complicate your defense.

2. The only proper and safe way for you to handle the situation is to ask the investigator for his or her business card and inform them that your attorney will contact them. Once the investigator is made aware that you have a lawyer or want to speak with one, you will not be questioned.

3. You should never make false statements to the investigators and attempt to cover things up by tampering with the evidence. Instead, contact our experienced NYC DOI lawyers for help.

NYC DOI Defense Attorneys

We have represented clients in criminal and administrative cases with a high degree of success. We assisted teachers, HRA workers, corrections officers, Department of Buildings and Department of Health employees, NYCHA beneficiaries, and City contractors, clients accused of housing and Section 8 fraud. If we get on the case at its early stage, we may be able to prevent or mitigate serious legal consequences.

Our Success Stories

Here are some of the Department of Investigations cases our attorneys handled.

An HRA employee accused of illegally accessing the computer database at work in order to assist others with committing fraud. The client was first investigated by the HRA and then by the DOI and was charged with a crime.

We represented a teacher accused of misconduct which included falsifying reports. The client was facing up to 7 years in prison.

Our client was a corrections officer accused of misconduct and bribery. If sentenced, the client could be served extremely severe penalties, including 15 years of jail time and a fine of over $100,000.


We represented the client throughout the process ultimately resulting in dismissing the criminal case and resolving the issues with the HRA through other venues.


The case terminated at the investigative stages.


Our legal counsels managed to reach a settlement of 2 years of probation and a $50,000 fine.

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