Attorneys with NYC firm Joseph Potashnik & Associates offer effective legal representation to individuals and legal entities facing IRS and the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance investigations and criminal prosecution for the NYS tax code violations.

Tax Evasion Investigations in New York

Both federal and state authorities take active action to combat tax fraud and evasion. Moreover, NYS tax legislation was changed in 2009 to correspond to the government’s escalating efforts in pursuing tax evaders, making the penalties even harsher. Most such investigations are conducted by the NYS Department of taxation and Finance, the most serious fraud cases are handled by the Internal Revenue Service. Most people learn they are targeted long after the investigation sets off, when they receive an interview letter or when they are directly approached by the officials.

Penalties for Tax-Related Offenses in NYS

NYS residents charged with this offense may face extremely severe penalties, which, depending on the degree of the crime, may amount to decades of prison time, steep fines – up to $50,000 for individuals and $250,000 for companies, as well as full restitution of the unpaid liability.

What to Do if Investigated or Charged with Tax Crimes in NYS?

If you find out that you’re under investigation for related offenses, here is what you should do:

  1. Don’t destroy any records and documents that you are or may be required to submit to the investigators. Don’t submit any documents to the officials unless they have a subpoena or a search warrant.
  2. Don’t discuss your case with anyone, let alone the investigators.
  3. Contact criminal tax lawyers at New York law group Joseph Potashnik and Associates as soon as possible.

Why Contact Our Tax Fraud Attorneys?

Legal counsels with NYC-based firm Joseph Potashnik and Associates have successfully handled hundreds of tax-related defense cases. We have unrivalled experience in helping both individuals and legal entities investigated or accused of tax fraud and evasion. And though it is our primary goal to resolve the case on its investigation phase, that is not always possible. Still, we have all the expertise needed to guide you through criminal court proceedings and obtain a satisfying settlement. Check out the cases recently handled by tax fraud lawyers at our law group.

Success Stories

Our client was the owner of an SME business in Queens. She was charged with evading over $2M in unpaid liabilities in the course of 8 years.

Tax fraud attorneys at our NYC law group managed to minimize the charge from a felony to misdemeanor and reach a settlement of probation with no jail time.

Our client was the owner of an NYC construction company facing criminal investigation for evading over $550,000 in unpaid liabilities.

Our lawyers obtained an administrative settlement, with no criminal charges filed.

Our client was under investigation for failure to file returns for several years.

We managed to prevent the case from being passed to the court. No criminal penalties were applied.

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