Financial fraud lawyers at Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC will take on any case regardless of complexity. Our team has experienced credit card fraud lawyers, bank fraud attorneys, legal counsels specializing in cases related to securities and investment management and other related crimes.

In recent years, the number of unsuspecting individuals and corporations that have fallen into the trap of someone else’s fraudulent behavior regarding finances management has increased, making the officials more vigilant than ever and giving way to more investigations and prosecutions. If you have ended up being accused of funds misappropriation and are investigated or charged with related crimes, do not hesitate to contact financial crimes attorneys at Joseph Potashnik and Associates.

We defend the following types of lawsuits:

Possible penalties include cease and desist orders, suspension or revocation of registrations, civil monetary penalties and imprisonment varying greatly depending on the severity of a criminal offense, disgorgement, etc. As you see, these are serious crimes that require immediate help of an experienced legal counsel. Request a consultation for your case from our law firm!

Why turn to us for legal help?

Key criminal defense competencies

Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC boasts of a strong team of financial crimes attorneys, each possessing profound expertise in a specific area of criminal law.


The law firm was incorporated in 2006 by a team of already established attorneys. Together, Joseph Potashnik and his colleagues can boast of over 7 decades of compound experience.

Over 100 cases of efficiently defended related cases

Throughout their practice, our financial fraud lawyers have successfully provided legal representation to such business professionals as financial advisors, brokers, board members, as well as to corporate clients engaged in financial activities and their representatives.

Related Case Studies

Securities and investment fraud

Accounting fraud

Embezzlement and larceny

The two defendants were executives of a manufacturing company charged with investment funds misappropriation and violation of professional auditing standards.

We represented an accountant in a multi-defendant case who working for a medium-market company and allegedly engaged in a conspiracy together with his employers to reduce corporate income taxes.

Our client was a Chief Operating Officer at a retail chain who was accused of using her position to steal from the company. She was facing up to 5 years of jail time and a fine of $100 000.


Our lawyers managed to reach a settlement of $10 000 and $17 000 fines for each of the defendants respectively, with no jail time or probation.


We convinced the prosecutors that our client had no part in tax avoidance strategies elaborated by his employers. No penalties were applied.


We managed to bring the penalties down to a minimum and settled for restitution and probation.

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