New York Gun Crimes Attorney

Our New York City criminal lawyers represent clients accused of the wider variety of weapons-related offenses in New York City.

New York law takes a very stern position towards illegal weapons crimes and provides mandatory imprisonment terms for mere possession of many unregistered firearms.

In fact, New York City has one of the toughest anti-gun laws and policies in the country. Gun ownership, considered legal across the country is illegal in the City of New York unless the owner first obtains a gun permit, which is a virtual impossibility.

A person does not have to physically possess a weapon or gun to be charged with illegal weapons possession. You can be found guilty of New York criminal possession of a weapon if you are in the same car with the weapon – or if the weapon is in your home and belongs to someone else.

Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled in defending clients against any New York illegal firearms and weapon charges.

One of the most prosecuted New York City illegal weapon charges is Criminal possession of a weapon, which criminalizes ownership of many weapons including firearms, ammunitions, explosives, dart guns, stun guns, many types of knives, knuckles, sticks, swords.

Also included is just about anything that can be considered a dangerous and deadly instrument, which the accused intends to use against someone else. Depending on circumstances, criminal possession of a weapon in New York City may be anything from a misdemeanor to a class B violent felony that carries up to 25 years in prison.

A simple possession of an unregistered handgun in New York City, perfectly legal in most of the country, may make the owner a violent felon and land him or her in state prison for several years. We have represented our of state clients, licensed to carry guns in their states, who were charged with criminal possesison of a weapon when they were passing through New York City on the way to the airport.

Our New York City firearm defense lawyers are expertly prepared to defend persons charged with unlawful possession of weapon by minors and public school students.

Another weapon related charge in New York is criminal use of a firearm, which ranges from class C felony to class B felony. Our New York criminal defense attorneys rigorously defend person accused of criminal use of a weapon.

We likewise provide first-class defense against other weapons related charges such as

  • criminal sale of a firearm,
  • criminal purchase of a weapon
  • prohibited use of weapons
  • Assault with a deadly weapon and other gun and weapons violence crimes

If you are charged with a New York weapon possession or sale crime, you need to discuss your case with an experienced New York weapons defense lawyer immediately.

It is crucial that police did not obtain the gun evidence in violation of search and seizure laws. In some illegal weapons cases we are able to suppress evidence seized as the result of an illegal search, which may result either in dismissal or significant reduction of charges.

Contact New York weapons possession lawyers today to discuss your case.