Our lawyers have vast experience in dealing with AG investigations and litigations. We help both individuals and businesses preserve their reputation and protect them from the consequences of such allegations.

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In addition to that, the NY AG is authorized to bring civil lawsuits against those who allegedly committed crimes against the residents of the state. This involves conducting investigations regarding a variety of allegations:

Conviction for one of these crimes can not only put your job or business in jeopardy, but also result in a sentence of years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Our New York Attorney General defense attorneys provide the following guidelines for those investigated by this particular government body:

1. If you have received an interview request letter from the NY attorney general, don’t panic and avoid engaging in conversation with whoever delivers you the letter.

2. If you have been arrested in connection with a related offense or are approached by the NY AG agents, remember that you are not obliged to talk to them without a lawyer or before speaking with one.

3. Contact our NYC criminal defense attorneys to request a consultation for your case. J. Potashnik and his colleagues will do their best while representing you during the investigation, and if necessary, in court hearings.

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Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC was incorporated in 2006, and now, over 10 years later, we can boast of unrivalled experience of interaction with the New York State Office of the Attorney General and its numerous units, such the Automobile Insurance Fraud Unit (AIFU), the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU), Special Investigations and Prosecutions (SIP) and others. As a premier New York criminal defense group, we defend state officers, businesses and employees under investigations and during criminal prosecution in over a hundred cases.

Case Studies

Medicaid fraud

Retirement benefits fraud

Financial fraud

Our client was investigated and subsequently prosecuted for stealing over $50,000 by submitting false medical claims for health care services that were not delivered.

Our client was a son of a recently deceased woman who allegedly stole $10,000 of her pension benefits.

We represented a broker who was investigated for allegedly having stolen over $100,000 from several victims under the pretense of investing the customers’ money in a company.

Possible penalties

Prosecutors demanded penalties of 1 year of jail time, a $3,000 fine and restitution of government funds.

Possible penalties

The client was facing 3 years in prison, a fine of up to $1,000 and full restitution.

Possible penalties

Full restitution, up to 20 years of imprisonment.


Restitution, 1-year probation.


Restitution, no criminal penalties.


Case dismissed.

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