While white collar crimes have been around for generations, it seems as if today’s world has far more of them occurring. A term used to describe crimes involving fraud, theft, and other offenses from the business world, it is well-known that the United States government aggressively pursues white collar suspects. As a result, when a person is charged with a white collar crime, it is imperative they retain legal counsel as soon as possible. In many of these crimes, punishment involves large fines and/or lengthy jail sentences, making it more important than ever to have an attorney who is experienced with these matters. When it comes to New York City white collar crimes lawyers, many people choose the law firm of Potashnik and Associates.

Typical White Collar Crimes
The term “white collar,” first used in 1939 during a speech given at the American Sociological Society, is broadly used to describe any crime involving lying, cheating, and stealing. However, this is a much too simplistic description of these crimes. White collar cases are often extremely complex, and can take the government months or years to prosecute. In these cases, this is why the need for an attorney who is knowledgeable about the various aspects of these crimes is so critical. Some of the most common white collar crimes today include:
–Bank Fraud
–Credit Card Fraud
–Mortgage Fraud
–Securities Fraud
With technology being such an integral part of today’s society, it has become much easier for these crimes to be committed. However, while they may be easier to commit, they are also easier to discover. Because of this, authorities are also much more diligent when it comes to seeking out and prosecuting those they suspect of committing these crimes. However, a suspect charged with these crimes can help themselves by retaining attorneys from a firm such as Potashnik and Associates. With our experience and determination to fight for our clients, we will go to work immediately examining the complexities of the case. In many of these situations, government prosecutors may be quick to rush judgment on those they accuse of fraud. Working closely with our clients, we will carefully review each aspect of the government’s case to find discrepancies that may result in lesser sentences or charges being reduced or dropped.

There is Never a Victimless Crime
While many people believe white collar crimes are not as serious as other crimes due to their nonviolent nature, the federal government takes a much different view. In many cases where white collar crimes occur, victims are often left in dire financial straits. Because the government feels white collar criminals profit immensely from their acts and are prone to repeating their crimes over and over, prosecutors almost always push for maximum prison sentences and fines. However, these same prosecutors are not always right. Some may have the facts wrong, while others may be overzealous in an attempt to make a name for themselves. This is why we at Potashnik and Associates are always acting as a buffer between our clients and government prosecutors, ensuring our client’s rights are being maintained at all times.

The Complexity of White Collar Crimes
Considered some of the most complex legal cases in courtrooms today, white collar crimes can only be handled by attorneys with extensive experience in this area. That is what makes us here at Potashnik and Associates so sought after by those who have been accused of these crimes. Never ones to be intimidated by the complexity of a case or the threats from prosecutors, we go to work immediately gathering evidence, interviewing key witnesses, speaking with experts who may be called on later as expert witnesses, and more to ensure our clients get the fair trial they deserve. Due to the complexity of these cases, there are many times when innocent people may get caught up in another’s scheme and find themselves being charged with a crime they did not commit. In these situations, it’s more important than ever to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. By doing so, we can help guard our client against any damage that may be done to their public persona or reputation, as well as find out key details from them about the case in order to have the charges dropped or find those actually responsible for the crimes committed. Regardless of the situation, we at Potashnik and Associates will fight hard for our clients to ensure their reputations stay intact and the true facts of a case come out.

Identity Theft and Computer Fraud
Of all the white collar crimes committed today, the majority often involve using a computer to commit identity theft, embezzle funds, or other crimes of a serious nature. Almost always prosecuted on the federal level, these crimes have become far more common due to the ease of which they can be committed. However, that does not mean every person charged with these crimes is in fact guilty. In many situations, misunderstandings take place that can result in a person using the wrong credit card or withdrawing funds from a bank account, thinking they have done nothing wrong. When this is the case, it’s imperative to have lawyers who know how to handle these situations. We at Potashnik and Associates have decades of experience as well as testimonials from clients who were wrongly accused of these and other crimes, proving we know what it takes to win these cases for our clients. We realize being charged with a crime that invokes the possibility of large fines and lengthy jail sentences can be overwhelming for many people, which is why we assure our clients we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of truth and justice.

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