Criminal Defense For Immigrants

Being charged with a crime is a traumatic experience for most people. If you are an immigrant charged with a crime, the situation is even more complicated because of the serious consequences a criminal conviction can have on your immigration status.

In New York City, with its huge immigration population, hundreds of new arrests happen daily. Many of the people accused of crimes in NYC are immigrants. At Joseph Potashnik and Associates, our NYC criminal lawyers successfully defend immigrants who are investigated for or have been accused of crimes in state and federal courts.

There are many well-qualified attorneys in New York, but if you are a non-citizen facing criminal charges, you need a criminal lawyer who understands immigration consequences of a conviction. We have represented hundreds of alien clients in criminal matters here in New York City, successfully helping many of them to avoid immigration problems.

We are not immigration lawyers who help clients apply for visas or adjustment of status. Most of our practice is criminal defense and we have handled thousands and thousands of criminal cases in state and federal courts. With our expertise in criminal defense field and our knowledge of immigration law, we can provide our immigrant clients with more than criminal defense. We give them hope at the time future looks grim.

To assist our prospective immigrant clients who have been accused of a crime, we have created the legal guide ?Criminal Consequences of A Criminal Conviction?.? In this guide you can find very basic answers to questions we are often asked. Please understand that each case is different and that a personal consultation would be required to fully evaluate your case.

If you are a non-citizen facing criminal charges in New York City, call our NYC criminal lawyers for immigrants today to set up an immediate consultation.

Here is a list of representative cases in which our work saved our clients from deportation:

  • Represented a green card holder business owner in Brooklyn charged with insurance fraud. We had no defenses strong enough to try the case but we negotiated a plea agreement that allowed the client to plead to a reduced charge in a way that did not qualify an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude.
  • Represented a visa holding individual accused of theft in Manhattan Supreme Court. If our client pled guilty to the charge, he would have been deported. Instead, we convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges.
  • Represented a client accused of marriage fraud for immigration purposes in Manhattan. Convinced the government to dismiss the charges.