Simply put, anabolic steroids are just a form of synthetically produced testosterone. There are plenty of street names that this drug goes by, such as weight trainers, arnolds, pumpers, juice, gym candy, and of course roids. The official name of the compound, however, is androgenic anabolic steroids. In terms of the controlled substance regulations, anabolic steroids are listed as a Schedule III substance. It’s important to note, though, that this drug was later classed as a Schedule II controlled substance.


As you could imagine, since anabolic steroids are a controlled substance, it is illegal to even have this drug in your possession, let alone sell it. You also can’t manufacture this drug if you haven’t been authorized to do so, or to even prescribe them to someone else if there isn’t an actual medical reason to do so. Also, you obviously can’t sell them to someone else, or even deliver them to someone else. The thing about anabolic steroid crimes is that if you in fact are caught with them in your possession, or are trying to manufacture or sell them, then you could face quite serious federal or state charges. Even so, a lawyer with experience can get you the help you need and work to reduce your charges or even get them dropped altogether.


What are the different anabolic steroid crimes?


Despite what you might think, there are actually legitimate medical uses when it comes to prescribing anabolic steroids. Instances where this might work are in patients who have breast cancer, low red blood cell counts, loss of function in their testicles, or some other kind of debilitated status because of either surgery or some other illness. So for these reasons, it’s not actually a crime to have anabolic steroids as long as you have a valid prescription on your person. It’s only when the steroids are manufactured, delivered, sold, or even prescribed illegally that you’ll be facing a charge, something like the federal or state crimes of anabolic steroids possession, or possession with the intention of distributing or delivering.


The thing to keep in mind with this charge is that the conditions that you’d be charged under will vary from place to place and situation to situation. At base, you’d be charged with anabolic steroids possession by default unless the prosecution can definitively prove that some kind of sale occurred. Believe it or not, at the federal level it isn’t necessary to prove that you sold something, or even had the intention of selling something.


What are the penalties for anabolic steroid crimes?


As you might imagine, the potential charges you might be facing will depend entirely on whether you’re being charged with a federal crime or a state crime. Along with this, there are a variety of other factors that affect your charge, including how much you actually sold in total, how much of the steroids you had in your possession, any past history of drug charges on your criminal record, knowing full well that a repeat offender will be hit with much harsher penalties for possessing anabolic steroids, or even if they have these drugs and intend to sell them.


One effective way of reducing your penalties in general is to negotiate a favorable plea deal. So for instance, if you have a great deal of information about a big fish operation that sells anabolic steroids, you can give testimony and in return receive either immunity or at the very least a reduced charge. You could also negotiate that plea deal with your lawyer so that you can get those consequences reduced even further. Either way, you’re going to want to get the right lawyer for the job, someone who has extensive experience at handling anabolic steroid crime cases.


Considering just how harsh the penalties for selling or even possessing anabolic steroids can be, it’s vitally important that you mount the right kind of legal defense for your case. That’s going to involve finding the right attorney for your case, someone who knows how to handle cases involving anabolic steroid crimes. You’ll find just that at the law firm of Joseph Potashnik and Associates, PC. Our New York City criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented hundreds and hundreds of clients accused of crimes in New York criminal courts. If you or someone you love are facing criminal charges, call our today and we’ll get you the help you need.