If you were recently charged with any type of healthcare fraud charges, the most important thing to do next is to contact an experienced Long Island healthcare fraud defense attorney. Our firm has years of experience handling a wide variety of healthcare fraud defense cases, and we are qualified to accept even the most complex cases. We work relentlessly on your case for the best outcome. Since we understand that you have a reputation, a future and a license or business to protect, rest assured that we will work hard and be your personal advocate.

Types Of Healthcare Fraud Cases

There are several different forms of healthcare fraud. Many suppliers, physicians and healthcare professionals are charged with these serious white-collar crimes even when they are innocent.

Medicare Fraud

This is the most common type of healthcare fraud. Medicare is a federal healthcare program providing services to people over the age of 65 and certain disabled individuals. Some of the most common types of reported fraud involve charging people for unnecessary treatments, making up fake treatments that are never administered, billing Medicare for unnecessary medical equipment, billing Medicare for medical equipment that is never sent and convincing patients to lie about certain conditions in order to bill Medicare extra.

Since elderly individuals are generally trusting of healthcare providers and are not as privy to scams, they are targeted more often. Medicare’s coverage of medical equipment is also bait for healthcare fraud and scam artists. If your services were mistaken for Medicare fraud, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. Our firm has extensive experience in working with Medicare fraud cases.

Medicaid Fraud

This program provides need-based insurance to low-income individuals and children of low-income families. The most common type of Medicaid fraud is submitting claims for unnecessary services or services that were never provided. Charging patients more than their copay amount is also common. For example, a clinic committing fraud may claim that several tests were conducted when they were not actually conducted. Investigators will often review medical records and any forensic data on imaging machinery or other devices when applicable. In some cases, the claims may be harder to prove or refute.


TRICARE is a federal healthcare program for active or retired military personnel and their families. Although false claims are not as common with this program as they are with Medicare and Medicaid, they still happen. Billing for unnecessary services or services that were not provided is the most common type of fraud with this program.

Healthcare fraud can take place with any other insurance company as well. False claims are the most common type of fraud. Since the costs of true fraud impact consumers and raise premiums, the government has very strict rules and harsh penalties for people who commit healthcare fraud. It is important to protect your innocence when you are facing these serious charges.

Are My Healthcare Fraud Charges That Serious?

Your charges are very serious whether there is any truth to them or not. Never admit to anything when you are investigated at work. Do not talk to anyone about an investigation or charges without an attorney present. It is common to be falsely accused of healthcare fraud, and some people make the mistake of saying the wrong things when they are investigated due to being confused about the charges.

People who report healthcare fraud as citizens are often called “whistle blowers.” If they are privy to government policies such as the False Claims Act in 31 U.S.C. 3729 (FCA), they know that they may receive between 15 and 30 percent of what is recovered in a lawsuit if it is successful. This financial incentive is enough to make people try to set up healthcare professionals or make false accusations with falsified evidence.

What Are The Penalties For Healthcare Fraud?

The penalties for healthcare fraud are a twofold punishment. If you are convicted of your charges under the False Claims Act, you could face up to five years in prison. In addition to this, you may have to pay a $250,000 fine. To make matters worse, you may have to pay even more beyond that fine. Investigators tally the amount of money that was obtained for unnecessary services, up-charges, falsified billing and services that were never provided. You may have to pay up to the total amount of one or all of these types of losses. Some people have had to pay more than $1 million and even more than $5 million in verdicts.

Why Do I Need A Private Healthcare Fraud Lawyer In Long Island?

Think about everything in your life that would change if you had to go to prison. If you have a family depending on you financially, they would face a major financial loss and have to struggle. In addition to this, you could miss important family time and being present for important milestones such as a new birth, a graduation or a wedding.

If you are a doctor, nurse, PA or other medical professional and you lose your license, you will also lose your job. You may have to find a new line of work, and getting into some professional degree programs may be tough with a felony on your record. You may have to sell your house to pay bills and may also have a hard time finding an apartment with a felony record. These are only a few of the troubles you could face without good representation. With the help of a good Long Island healthcare fraud defense lawyer, you stand a much better chance of protecting your future and your family.

How Our Firm Can Help

If you are facing board-related actions against your license, we work with the licensing board to help you keep your medical license or have a minimal punishment such as a temporary suspension. We also fight your criminal charges. Our goal is to have your charges dismissed. If your criminal charges cannot be dismissed, we seek to have them reduced and ask for a milder punishment and lower fines. When you are facing false charges and accusations, we spare no expense to hire our own thorough investigators and expert witnesses to show your innocence. With your finances, family and future at stake, do not entrust your case to a court-appointed attorney who does not have the time or incentive to work with you. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Long Island healthcare defense lawyer.