If you’ve spent the time and money to become a successful physician assistant, you’re going to want to protect your license to perform as heavily as possible. If you are facing a legal issue that could lead to a potential suspension or loss of your physician assistant license, you will probably need the assistance of a physician assistant license defense lawyer.

It’s important to understand potential circumstances that would require legal protection before getting too deep in a legal matter that jeopardizes your ability to do your job. Here are a few of the possible circumstances when a physician assistant license defense lawyer could help save your career.

Negligence or Medical Malpractice
A medical malpractice case is defined as a mistake made by a medical professional that resulted in the pain or suffering of the patient. If you are facing a negligence or medical malpractice law suit, it probably means a patient or patient’s family members believe you did not do everything in your power to care for the sick patient or that you purposefully performed an act that harmed the well-being of the patient.

Many patients believe that just the mistake of a medical professional is enough to file a medial malpractice suit against their physicians assistant, but it is necessary that they can prove the mistake lead to injury or further pain and suffering. A physicians assistant license defense lawyer can help determine if the medical malpractice suit against you logically claims injury to the patient or not.

Many accidents happen in the hospital, but not all of them will fall under the category of medical malpractice or negligence. It is possible for things to happen unknowingly or as an unanticipated result of a medical decision that does eventually lead to harm or injury for the patient, but this doesn’t automatically make it a case of medical malpractice or negligence.

When it comes to the license you need to perform as a physician assistant, don’t let a wrongful medical malpractice case demolish your career. The assistance of a physician assistant license defense lawyer can help you determine if the case against you is solid, and the best way to handle the situation so your license remains.

Problems with Billing
One of the reasons your physician assistant license may need defending has nothing to do with the quality of the care you provide, but rather the way your practice is billing clients for the care they receive. In addition to the criminal charges improper billing may bring you or your practice, there is the potential that an insurance fraud or similar case could jeopardize your physician assistant license.

Improper billing can include everything from knowingly billing a patient for the wrong treatment, care, or other medical assistance, to insurance or Medicare/Medicaid fraud. In the event of a fraud case, it is important to get the assistance of a physician assistant license defense lawyer as early on as possible to ensure the process ends in your favor.

Unnecessary Procedures
Similar to a medical malpractice suit, a patient may believe your practice forced them to undergo unnecessary procedures. This likely includes any testing done that you administered on the patient knowing it would not result in bettering the patient’s well-being.

This kind of lawsuit can be difficult because it is occasionally necessary to administer a number of different tests to the patient in order to determine what is causing the problems, which may seem unnecessary for the patient. The high number of tests may result in high bills for the client, making them upset if relief has not been found.

If your patient believes they have undergone a number of unnecessary tests with the purpose of racking up a high medical bill and making your practice more money, your physician assistant license could be in jeopardy. The protection of a physician assistant license defense lawyer can help you prove that all testing administered was necessary for a better understanding of the patient’s condition and protect your physician assistant license.

Practicing Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
When performing as a physician assistant, it is absolutely necessary to do so only when in a clear state of mind. Like many other professional positions, performing under the influence of drugs and alcohol will severely inhibit you from operating to your best ability and could lead to injury or even death for your patients.

If you have been practicing under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is likely to lead to a number of other unnecessary mistakes – and with it, more law suits.

Practicing under the influence of drugs and alcohol can be one of the more difficult cases against a physicians assistant to explain, and will almost definitely need the assistance of a physicians assistant license defense lawyer. A physician assistant license defense lawyer can help you get the protection your practice needs and reduce the amount of damage done to your career.

It takes a lot of time, money, and commitment to become a physician assistant and you do not want to see your hard work wasted by falling victim to a lawsuit that took away your physician assistant license and career. Getting the right representation is necessary for any current or future lawsuit that could jeopardize your physician assistant license.

A Long Island physician assistant license defense lawyer can take you through the necessary steps of getting a fair trial and keeping your physician assistant license in tact.