New York City State Homicide and
Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Homicide and other violent crimes are among the gravest criminal charges – and our New York City homicide defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph Potashnik, give these types of cases the fullest attention and maximum effort.

Consequences of a violent crime conviction are clearly devastating. If you are charged with murder or another violent crime, you are facing a long prison term as well as other drastic changes to your future.

If you plead guilty to a violent crime and you are an immigrant, your chances of becoming a citizen will be seriously jeopardized – you may even be deported.

If you are a professional, your employment prospects will be grim.

This is the most trying time of your life and you need not just a criminal defense lawyer – but someone who understands that sometimes just pleading away is not an option.

Our New York City homicide and violent crimes attorneys will work hard to either have the charges dismissed or have them significantly reduced. We will negotiate a plea bargain but we will take your case to trial if needed

We will never advise our clients to take any plea that is not in their best interests.

If we accept your case, our New York homicide and violent crimes attorneys will carefully examine your case – with your help. If you are in custody, we will make necessary applications to secure your release or reduce bail.

We work with reputed private investigators and forensic specialists. We will interview all witnesses and examine all evidence. We will not overlook any issue that will make your case stronger such as suppression of evidence, as well as search and seizure and identification matters.

New York Homicide Charges

Our New York Homicide defense lawyers are familiar and skilled in defending clients against the following New York homicide crimes:

  • Criminally negligent homicide
  • Aggravated criminally negligent homicide
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Manslaughter
  • Aggravated manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Aggravated murder
  • Criminal Abortion

New York Violent Crimes

If you are charged with a violent crime in New York, you should call upon us and use our expertise to build your aggressive defense. Our New York violent crimes lawyers defend clients charged with:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Reckless assault of a child by a child day care provider
  • Vehicular assault
  • Gang assault
  • Assault on a peace officer, police officer, fireman or emergency medical services professional
  • Menacing
  • Hazing
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Promoting a suicide attempt
  • Stalking

When you think you need help with you criminal charges, call our New York City violent crimes and assault lawyers today to schedule a review of your case