Accusations of fraud can haunt an individual into the foreseeable future. They can wreck your personal and professional life, not mention result in hefty fines. In extreme cases, a conviction will land you in jail. With so many types of fraud covered under the New York City legal system, it is easy to see why those accused of a crime may have difficult mounting a solid defense on their own. If you have been accused of fraud, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney on your side that understands the law. Such a professional will vigorously fight to ensure that your rights are protected. Fraud can arise from a number of things. In many instances, it’s common for there to be fraud as a result of insurance fraud, or some other financially motivated fraud.

Types of Fraud

There are various types of fraud that residents of New York City should be concerned about. The burden of proof, however, is on the agency or individual making that charge against you. We still operate under a system where you are to be viewed innocent until proven guilty. It is the job of your lawyer to help a jury or judge see the reasons why you should be acquitted. To do so, there are several key areas that we will look at. They include:

Not Enough Evidence – If you have been accused of fraud, there must be sufficient evidence to prove it. In essence, you must truly be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the other side cannot produce documents, either in written or electronic form, that prove it was you that committed fraud and that you did it intentionally, you should receive an acquittal on the basis of insufficient evidence.
Lack of Intent – There are many cases where a person unknowingly commits fraud. If you did not have any malicious intent in performing the fraudulent action that you are accused of, a good criminal defense lawyer can argue for acquittal. This point is also important if you are found guilty, as it can lessen the eventual sentence that is imposed.
Fraud Was Not Committed – Just because you have made a false statement does not necessarily mean you have committed fraud. There are specific legal parameters that must be met in New York City before a false statement can be construed as fraud. Your criminal lawyer will know how to mount this type of defense.
Entrapment – If a government agency or other type of entity compels you into committing fraud, your criminal defense lawyer will argue that point in court. While those who prosecuting will make the argument that you were likely to commit fraud regardless, your criminal lawyer will be able to mount a defense that counters this claim.

Consult With A Professional and Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of fraud, there is no time to waste. It would be beneficial for you to contact our officer for representation right away. We can offer you a free consultation to go over your case and determine what the best course of legal action to pursue moving forward may be. It is important to present all of the facts of your case, including any misleading or false statements you might have made, in order for your lawyer to determine what type of defense to mount.

Remember that everyone in America has the right to a vigorous defense. We will work hard to get you an acquittal. In the event that you are found guilty by either a judge or a jury, we will argue equally as hard for a lenient sentence. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

This article was written by Steven Goldman, a premier Chicago criminal lawyer.