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New York Grand Jury Proceedings

August 24, 2015

WHAT IS GRAND JURY A grand jury is a group of no fewer than 16 and no more than 23 persons, which is convened by a superior court. Grand Jury investigates offenses by hearing and examining evidence to determine whether to permit prosecution of those offenses. The district attorney; A clerk or other public servant […]

NYC Insider Trading Investigations

August 20, 2015

Prosecutors and lawmakers have taken a more aggressive approach against insider trading. You might have been successful in evading criminal charges in the past, but there are new systemic changes designed to make this type of evasion much more difficult.

What Are The Best Defenses Against The IRS Tax Fraud Investigations?

August 04, 2015

Best Defenses During The IRS Investigations The IRS is authorized to issue administrative summonses to tax payers during civil audits and criminal investigations.┬áIn a way, these summonses serve as subpoenas and are enforceable in federal court. The government uses its power to issue administrative summonses as a way to engage in fishing expeditions, looking for […]

Can I Be Deported For Medicaid Fraud Or Welfare Fraud In New York City?

August 02, 2015

Can I Be Deported For Medicaid Fraud Or Welfare Fraud In New York City? At Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC we deal with criminal Medicaid fraud cases on a daily basis. In our practice we see a number of non-US citizen clients accused of Medicaid fraud or Welfare fraud. One of the main problems faced […]

What Triggers Medicaid Fraud Investigations In New York?

August 02, 2015

Various Practices That Can Trigger A Medicaid Fraud Investigation For Providers and Recipients This article is about what triggers Medicaid fraud investigations for NY healthcare providers and recipients. If you are a Medicaid Services Provider, here are some of the reasons you can be investigated for Medicaid fraud: Billing Medicaid for services that have never […]

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